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Latest News on E Ink Technology
and ePaper Digital Signage


ePaper Digital Signage at University Hospital of Münster

University of Münster Enhances Learning Experience With ePaper Display Solution

We are excited to share that our 13.3-inch ePaper display products have been deployed at…
June 4, 2024
University Hospital of Münster 13.3-inch E Ink Displays

The Impact of ePaper Digital Signage on Universities and Education Sector

Communication and sustainability are of great importance in an information-driven and quickly changing era. How…
May 29, 2024
E Ink Signs at Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz

E Ink Displays Enhance Workplace Productivity and Communication

ePaper, short for electronic paper, is a display technology that mimics the appearance of traditional…
May 17, 2024
E Ink Displays for Wayfinding at Hospitals and Clinics

Explore 5 Use Cases of ePaper Digital Signage

ePaper digital signage is revolutionizing communication strategies for organizations across industries. With its low energy…
May 6, 2024
How E Ink Carta Displays Work

What Is ePaper and How Does It Work?

Discover the fascinating world of electronic paper, or ePaper, the revolutionary display technology that is…
April 24, 2024
ePaper Screens at Light + Building Show in Frankfurt

Discover ePaper Technology at Light + Building Show in Frankfurt

We're thrilled to announce that TintTech shall be showcasing the latest ePaper solutions at the…
February 5, 2024
ePaper Screens at ISE2024 in Barcelona

Experience the Future of ePaper Digital Signage at ISE 2024 in Barcelona

We're thrilled to share that TintTech will be showcasing the latest advancements in ePaper digital…
January 8, 2024
ePaper Screens for University Campus Signage in Germany

Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz Launches ePaper Screens for Campus Signage

We are excited to share that our ePaper devices continue to transform room signage at…
June 28, 2023
E Ink Displays for Lecture Schedules at Universities

Greening Higher Education – E Ink’s Whitepaper on Sustainable Campus Solutions

Greening higher education has become increasingly important in the face of climate change and sustainability…
May 3, 2023

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