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The Impact of ePaper Digital Signage on Universities and Education Sector

By May 29, 2024June 7th, 2024No Comments

Communication and sustainability are of great importance in an information-driven and quickly changing era. How to keep up? One way to gain traction in the education sector is keeping the systems dynamic – ePaper digital signage is reshaping the field with its flexibility and environmental friendliness, for example, our ePaper displays are used by the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz.

E Ink Displays for Lecture Schedules at Universities

ePaper Digital Signage Enhances Communication

In traditional settings, campus corridors often include static signage plastered on walls. Though well intentioned, these conventional signs can lead to confusion and frustration as information gets outdated. Room changes, schedule adjustments, last-minute announcements may go unnoticed and cause disruptions. Unlike their static counterparts, ePaper digital signage offers dynamic, real-time updates to ensure information is always current.

For example, the University of Tartu, the largest university in Estonia, has chosen ePaper digital signage for displaying daily lecture schedules at the recently opened Delta Centre as well as at their renovated buildings.

ePaper Displays Are Interactive

ePaper digital signage exceeds the limitations of traditional static signage in multiple ways. The versatility allows for customizable and even personalised displays. Imagine swiping your personal RFID card at an e-ink screen and instantly accessing information personalized just for you. From booking a room to accessing personal schedules or receiving task assignments before entering a classroom – the possibilities are abundant. With ePaper displays, the campus can become more efficient as well as interactive and user-centric.

ePaper Displays Integrate With Systems Already in Use

Integration with campus and study technologies may sound like a daunting task, requiring extensive planning and programming. However, with ePaper digital signage, this process is far more streamlined than one might imagine. These innovative e-ink displays are highly integrable with a variety of existing systems, including Office 365, Outlook Calendar, and internal calendar systems at campuses. Universities can seamlessly synchronize their ePaper signage with their existing infrastructure, ensuring that room bookings and schedules are automatically updated.

And for those systems that lack a direct connection, worry not! At TintTech, we specialize in creating custom integration solutions tailored to your specific needs.

PoE Displays for Lecture Schedules Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz

ePaper Digital Signage Improves Brand Visibility

ePaper digital signage not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the educational space with its sleek and modern displays but also serves as a powerful tool for elevating the university’s brand visibility. With every glance at an ePaper screen, both students and guests are reminded of the institution’s identity and values, reinforcing its presence at every turn. Whether displaying the university logo, showcasing key achievements, or promoting upcoming events, e-ink signage serves as a dynamic canvas for expressing the essence of the organization.

13.3-inch Power Over Ethernet (PoE) E Ink Displays at University of Tartu

ePaper Displays Support Sustainability

Despite the impressive array of benefits offered by ePaper digital signage, one might assume that such cutting-edge technology comes with a hefty price tag. However, the reality is quite the opposite. While the initial setup cost of e-ink signage may exceed that of traditional paper signage, the long-term savings are substantial.

With near-zero maintenance costs, universities can say goodbye to the recurring expenses associated with printing and updating paper signage, as well as the manpower required to manage these tasks. Additionally, the energy efficiency of ePaper displays translates to minimal electricity costs, with annual expenses typically amounting to single-digit figures in euros.

By investing in e-ink digital signage, universities not only demonstrate their commitment to sustainability but also enjoy significant cost savings in the long run, making it a wise and worthwhile investment for the future.


In summary, ePaper digital signage is revolutionizing communication and efficiency on university campuses. From real-time updates to seamless integration with existing technologies, its benefits are clear. As universities continue to embrace e-ink technology, they pave the way for a more connected, sustainable, and innovative educational experience.