Multilingual Exhibitions for Museums


Display exhibit information in the language selected by the visitor


Show targeted content to specific audiences, for example images to kids


Display larger text to the visually impaired


Create a full visitor journey with a single RFID ticket – from turnstiles to signage


Display both text and images on the ePaper signs


Keep the attention on the exhibits by avoiding light emissions

Multilingual Exhibitions at the Estonian National Museum

The Estonian National Museum has chosen ePaper displays for it’s multilingual museum signage, which provides information about the exhibits as well as the Estonian history and culture in several languages. The solution makes it possible to provide personalized information to the visitors, hence increasing engagement and improving the visitor experience.

Visitors will receive a ticket that contains an RFID chip. The ticket is used to enter the exhibition via the turnstile and to read information from the ePaper devices in their preferred language whether it is Estonian, English, Finnish, Latvian, German or French. All of this becomes available to the visitors by a simple action – presenting the ticket to the turnstile or an ePaper device.

The installation features 6.8-inch9.7-inch and 32-inch E Ink displays that blend into the surroundings with its natural tone and sleek design, therefore, reducing visual noise and keeping the attention of the visitors on the exhibits. The low power consumption, wired data connections and batteryless installation of the devices ensure that the EMC and heat dissipation are kept at a minimum, which is crucial to the preservation of the exhibits.

The installation includes a Content Management Server (CMS), which makes it possible to easily monitor and configure all 867 displays via a single Web interface.


ePaper Displays




Square Meters

Lecture Schedules for Universities

Up to Date

Show real-time information next to the lecture halls


Display detailed schedules covering upcoming lectures, their contents and lecturers and room numbers


Create custom integrations with third party databases


Show additional content covering COVID information or campus news

Lecture Schedules at the University of Tartu

The University of Tartu, the largest university in Estonia, has chosen ePaper digital signage for displaying daily lecture schedules at the recently opened Delta Center as well as renovated buildings. The 13.3-inch ePaper signs enable the university to update signage daily as lecture schedules are changed, offering students the most up-to-date information without the waste and time of swapping paper signage.

The university has implemented middleware that acts as a link between their calendar system and the API of the Content Management System (CMS) of the ePaper signs. The CMS makes it possible to easily monitor and configure all signs via a single Web interface, while the middleware renders images based on the schedules and uploads the contents to the ePaper signs. This solution gives freedom to the university in terms of what and how is displayed on the signs and makes it possible to base the design on their own templates.


ePaper Displays


Diagonal Size


Content Updates

Patient Information Boards for Hospitals


Display confidential information only when a correct RFID card is presented


Show extensive contents covering personal information, precautions, nutrition, mobility and special care instructions


Use chlorine, alcohol, HPV or UV to clean the ePaper signs


Avoid light emissions that disturb patients by using reflective ePaper signs