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Case Study

University of Münster Enhances Learning Experience With ePaper Display Solution

By June 4, 2024June 18th, 2024No Comments

We are excited to share that our 13.3-inch ePaper display products have been deployed at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Münster. The ePaper digital signage solution transforms rooms of a simulated outpatient clinic into dynamic educational hubs, therefore, offering students instant access to personalized tasks and exercises. This innovative approach enhances hands-on learning and fosters continuous improvement, shaping the future of medical education.

ePaper Digital Signage at University Hospital of Münster

Personalized Training Experience With ePaper Displays

At the Faculty of Medicine, University of Münster, innovation meets education with the integration of ePaper digital signage in practice rooms. These cutting-edge E Ink displays streamline the learning process from start to finish, providing students with a seamless and efficient experience.

The ePaper displays serve as dynamic schedulers, presenting the daily room schedule to students at a glance. Upon arrival, students simply tap their NFC/RFID card to the reader, instantly accessing their personalized tasks and exercises. Thanks to a custom middleware developed in-house, the system retrieves relevant information from the faculty’s database and displays it directly on the ePaper screen.

University Hospital of Münster 13.3-inch E Ink Displays

Endless Flexibility With the ePaper Display CMS API

The learning experience at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Münster is created by utilizing the versatility of our Content Management System (CMS) alongside our ePaper displays. This insightful case study highlights the power of integration, showcasing how our CMS seamlessly merges with various technologies to create sophisticated systems tailored to unique needs.

About the Faculty of Medicine, University of Münster

2.532 medical students, 786 dental students and 48 midwifery students are trained at the Faculty of Medicine at University of Münster and the University Hospital of Münster, with its staggering workforce of 11,000 dedicated professionals stands as a beacon of healthcare excellence in the region. Each year, it provides vital medical care to over 50,000 patients, offering a wide array of specialized services and treatments. Located in the vibrant city of Münster, Germany, with its robust infrastructure and skilled staff, the hospital is committed to delivering compassionate care and innovative medical solutions to meet the diverse needs of its patients.