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Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz Launches ePaper Screens for Campus Signage

By June 28, 2023June 18th, 2024No Comments

We are excited to share that our ePaper devices continue to transform room signage at offices and campuses. Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, one of Germany’s leading educational institutions located near Frankfurt, with a diverse student body of 35,000 from over 130 nations, has embraced TintTech’s sustainable ePaper screens for campus signage.

The university’s commitment to innovation and sustainability led to the installation of a hundred 13.3-inch ePaper devices and three 9.7-inch ePaper devices initially. The installation was so successful, that they quickly expanded it with an additional fifty 13.3-inch ePaper devices.

E Ink Signs at Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz

Real-Time Information With ePaper Screens

With ePaper digital signage now enriching their campus, Johannes Gutenberg University can seamlessly broadcast real-time lecture schedules and vital campus information. Gone are the days of paper signage swaps and wasted resources. Instead, students and staff enjoy instant access to up-to-date information, including crucial updates on COVID restrictions.

Simple, Customizable and Effective Campus Signage

At the heart of our innovative ePaper display ecosystem lies a powerful on-site Content Management System (CMS), engineered to streamline signage management with unparalleled ease and flexibility. Our ePaper display devices are seamlessly integrated with the CMS, empowering users to effortlessly monitor and configure all signs through a user-friendly web interface. Therefore, you can say goodbye to the complexity of managing multiple systems, as our unified platform offers a centralized hub for all your signage needs.

Seamless Integration with Your IT Systems

Thanks to the CMS’s versatile API (application programming interface), our devices seamlessly integrate with any calendar systems your institution may already be using. Therefore, you can leverage existing infrastructure to enhance the functionality of our ePaper displays, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow. With our CMS and API, uploading content to ePaper devices has never been easier. Enjoy the freedom to dynamically deliver information to your audience, whether it’s real-time schedules, campus announcements, or event updates. The possibilities are endless, and the presentation of information is entirely customizable to suit your university’s unique branding and aesthetic preferences.

Endless Customization, Effortless Implementation

Our ePaper display devices offer endless possibilities for customization, from custom templates and vibrant photos to carefully curated typography. Empower your university to create visually stunning displays that captivate and inform your audience, all with minimal effort and maximum impact.

In conclusion, Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz sets a shining example of sustainability, efficiency, and innovation in higher education by embracing ePaper screens for campus signage.