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Case Study

How the Estonian National Museum Created a Multilingual Exhibition with ePaper Signage

By November 28, 2016June 18th, 2024No Comments

TintTech, a leading developer of cutting-edge indoor ePaper signage products, proudly announces the creation of a multilingual exhibition with ePaper signage at the Estonian National Museum. Each wired PoE ePaper sign showcasing exhibit information interacts effortlessly with NFC/RFID entrance tickets. With a seamless integration, this allows attendees to select the exhibit language from a multitude of languages.

32-inch Wired Power Over Ethernet ePaper Digital Signage at Estonian National Museum

Multilingual Exhibition with ePaper Signage

The key highlights of the installation are the following:

  • The museum is covered by 867 E Ink displays with several diagonal sizes – 32 inches, 9.7 inches, and 6.8 inches.
  • The exhibit information is shown in a multitude of languages – Estonian, English, German, Ukrainian, Latvian, Finnish, French.
  • The language is changed by an NFC/RFID ticket – Icode SLIX (NFC Type 5 and ISO 15693 compliant).
  • The ePaper signs feature a single cable for both data and power – Power over Ethernet (PoE).

ePaper Signage – A Shift Towards Digitalization

Opting for electronic paper or E Ink signage over traditional printed materials signifies the museum’s commitment to digital advancement. By embracing this innovative approach, the exhibits effortlessly present information in diverse languages, providing each visitor with a personalized experience. Moreover, the transition to electronic signage not only propels the museum into the digital era but also enhances the aesthetic appeal with a natural, unobtrusive appearance, distinguishing it from conventional LED displays.

The resounding success of the multilingual exhibition with ePaper signage, as reported by the museum, underscores its seamless integration into operations, earning praise from both visitors and staff members alike.

Small, Medium and Large E Ink Diagonal Size

Embarking on a journey of innovation and enhancement, the museum has integrated over 867 of E Ink’s cutting-edge greyscale displays. The diagonal sizes of the E Ink displays range from 32 inches to 6.8 inches, which are deployed across 6,000 square meter exhibit space. Each digital sign features E Ink’s bistable electronic paper display (EPD) technology. Due to the intrinsic properties of ePaper technology, exhibit information remains vividly displayed even in the absence of power sources.

The term “bistable” encapsulates the marvel of E Ink screens, where the image is persisted without any power consumption, activating only during content updates. With this feature, the museum navigates its visitors seamlessly through the exhibit space, with the 32” signs used for wayfinding and guidance, while the smaller displays delicately describe each artifact. The displays blend into the surroundings with its natural tone and sleek design. Therefore, the digital and multilingual exhibition with ePaper displays reduces visual noise and keeps the attention of the visitors on the exhibits.

Low Total Cost of Ownership With Wired Displays

The low power consumption, wired data connections and batteryless installation of the devices ensure that the EMC and heat dissipation are kept at a minimum, which is crucial to the preservation of the exhibits. Power over Ethernet (PoE) was chosen for both data and power instead of using wireless communication such as WiFi or batteries. This was a crucial design consideration, as this made it possible to increase the reliability of the system while keeping the required maintenance at a minimum – both of which are critical for a large installation.

Furthermore, the installation includes an on-site Content Management System (CMS), which makes it possible to easily monitor and configure all 867 displays via a single Web interface.

National Significance

“The new National Museum embodies the Estonian spirit and is a shrine for all people to learn about the country’s rich, colorful and sometimes painful past,” said Kaarel Tarand, head of public and foreign relations at the Estonian National Museum. “In seeking a partner that will help us promote a deeper understanding of Estonian culture, E Ink was a natural choice for us. Its displays not only complement the museum’s aesthetics, but it also offers our visitors a personalized experience and allows us to go digital in a sustainable manner.”

“With the completion of this building, our debt to those individuals who cared deeply about the preservation of Estonian culture and language and who built a foundation for our independence has been repaid,” said Toomas Hendrik Ilves, President of the Republic of Estonia. “The Estonian National Museum will support us in coping, enduring and growing in the modern world. Museums have long ceased to be mere repositories for antiques. A museum is a center for learning and progress. In the same way, every culture and language must develop if it is to last.”

Strategic Partnership with E Ink

In the dynamic world of digital display technology, strategic collaborations often spark revolutionary innovations. The inception of TintTech’s ePaper products featuring E Ink‘s cutting-edge displays can be traced back to a landmark project, the Estonian National Museum.

This milestone not only marked the birth of a transformative partnership between TintTech and E Ink Corporation, but also created a new era in indoor ePaper applications. Established in 1992 by Taiwan’s esteemed papermaking and printing group YFY, E Ink Holdings Inc. swiftly emerged as a trailblazer in the industry. Leveraging technology from MIT’s Media Lab, E Ink revolutionized the eReader market. The products were so successful, that it became a multi-billion dollar business within a decade.

This visionary approach has spurred continuous investments in ePaper display technology, positioning E Ink as the global leader in the field. Today, E Ink Holdings stands as the world’s largest supplier of displays to the eReader market. E Ink’s EPD products setting the standard for ePaper excellence and its FFS technologies adorning high-end consumer electronic products worldwide. Interestingly, the 6.8-inch ePaper display used at the Estonian National Museum features the same E Ink display that is used in Amazon Kindle.

As pioneers in their respective domains, TintTech and E Ink Corporation continue to push the boundaries of possibility, shaping the future of digital displays with their unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence.

9.7-inch Wired PoE E Ink Screens at Estonian National Museum

About the Estonian National Museum

The Estonian National Museum was founded in 1909 on the initiative and with the support of the nation. Its main task was to protect and develop the history and culture of Estonia. Echoing the sentiments shared across many European countries, the museum’s early years were dedicated to the preservation of the vanishing peasant culture and the meticulous curation of artifacts essential to understanding Estonia’s cultural evolution. As the cultural landscape evolved, so too did the museum’s focus, pivoting towards the celebration and exploration of folk culture.

Until the difficult times of World War II, the Estonian National Museum served as the custodian of all facets of the nation’s heritage. Furthermore, it earned recognition as a revered institution of memory by the 1930s. Its esteemed status was further elevated through fruitful collaborations and exchanges with foreign nations, fostering a vibrant cultural dialogue that transcended borders.

Today, the museum continues to uphold its legacy of continuity and tradition, serving as a catalyst for cultural dialogue that bridges the chasm between the past and the future. As a modern cultural and tourist center, the Estonian National Museum invites every Estonian and visitor to take part in the nation’s unique cultural history.