Content Management System for ePaper Displays


An on-site content management server (CMS) for managing our wired ePaper displays.

At A Glance

  • Features a Web UI for managing ePaper displays
  • Features an API for custom integrations
  • Supports third party web-based CMSs
  • No recurring fees, ever

Use Cases

  • Digital signage and wayfinding at public spaces
  • Meeting room booking at offices and campuses
  • Lecture schedules at universities
  • Multilingual exhibitions at museums

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  • Remote management of hundreds or thousands of ePaper screens connected to a single network
  • Features an API for external control and content updates for the ePaper devices:
    • Custom integrations can be created with internal systems, for example, campus databases at universities
    • Content automation can be established by dynamically publishing new contents on the ePaper screens
    • Calendar integrations can be implemented, for example, with Office 365 and Outlook
  • Features an URL integration for rendering and showing captured web pages on ePaper signs:
    • Provides means to continue using existing CMS systems with ePaper devices that are already used for LCD displays
    • Enables scheduling and playlist or player creation with third party software
    • Creates a possibility to use online design tools for layout design of the contents
  • Supports sequences that define the behavior of ePaper signs using touch buttons, NFC/RFID cards and timeouts
  • Supports locations that enable the replacement of ePaper signs without reconfiguration
  • Supports users with multiple levels of authorization
  • Supports all of TintTech’s wired ePaper displays featuring 7.8-inch, 9.7-inch, 13.3-inch and 32-inch E Ink screens


  • The CMS will be installed on Linux Debian
  • The CMS and all wired ePaper displays must be in the same LAN or VLAN
  • The CMS Web UI can be accessed from the same LAN or VLAN by default
  • No recurring costs – the license is valid for the entire product lifetime

View Our References

Explore some examples of our ePaper digital signage installations used for lecture schedules, multilingual exhibitions, and various other purposes.


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