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Highest Reliability with

Wired ePaper Signage

Create interactive yet elegant digital signage solutions with the 9.7-inch and 13.3-inch PoE ePaper signs that feature touch buttons, RFID/NFC and Power over Ethernet – all conveniently managed through a Content Management Server. Furthermore, the intrinsic properties of ePaper guarantee that the displayed image is preserved even after the loss of power.

The PoE product line features an extremely low total cost of ownership, as there are no recurrent costs, the CMS is installed on-site and the ePaper signs can be used 24/7 for years without any maintenance.

The solution is trusted by respectable public institutions – Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Estonian National Museum, University of Tartu. All of our clients have either expanded or discussed potential expansions within one year of their first project, illustrating the benefits of the solution.


Select shown contents through touch buttons or NFC/RFID


Connect power and data through a single PoE cable

ePaper University Scheduling Digital Signage
ePaper Museum Exhibition Digital Signage


Manage content via a CMS, an API or a serverless interface


Define the behavior of content changes in response to triggers

CMS Setup

When using a Content Management Server, 48 V PoE network switches are used to provide power and connectivity for ePaper signs. The CMS is connected to the same LAN or VLAN as the devices and all ePaper signs are managed by a single server. The configuration and management of signs can be performed using computers connected to the same network via the CMS Web UI or via the CMS API.

ePaper Signage with CMS Setup ePaper Signage with Serverless Setup

Serverless Setup

When using a serverless setup, 48 V PoE network switches or PoE power adapters provide power and connectivity for ePaper signs. The signs are configured one by one by connecting to the Web UI provided by the internal servers run in all ePaper signs.