ePaper Digital Signage with Northern European Design

Create interactive yet elegant digital signage solutions with the 9.7-inch and 13.3-inch PoE ePaper signs that feature touch buttons, RFID/NFC and Power over Ethernet – all conveniently managed through a Content Management Server. Furthermore, the intrinsic properties of ePaper guarantee that the displayed image is preserved even after the loss of power.

Developed for a greener and more sustainable future, the ePaper signs can be powered for a year with the amount of energy required to power LCDs for a month.

Comparison of Yearly Energy Costs

(Calculated based on the European Union average 29.2 c€/kWh)

24/7 Power Consumption

1 W ePaper Sign


€2.56 per year


24/7 Power Consumption

20 W LCD Sign


€51.19 per year


24/7 Power Consumption

30 W LCD Sign


€76.79 per year


Multilingual Exhibitions for



Lecture Schedules for



Medical Information Boards for



Energy Efficient

Paper-Like Quality

No Light Emissions

Sunlight Readable