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ePaper Digital Signage with Northern European Design

Developed for a greener and more sustainable future, ePaper digital signage can be powered for a year with the amount of energy required to power LCDs for a few weeks. Our products are designed to offer an interactive yet elegant digital signage solution that provides a premium feel and matches each interior design style. Our ePaper signs are available in PoE and IoT configuration, covering 7.8-inch, 9.7-inch 13.3-inch and 32-inch ePaper displays.

The solution is trusted by respectable public institutions – University Hospital of Münster and Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz in Germany, Estonian National Museum and University of Tartu in Estonia, and National Museum of Krakow in Poland. All of our clients have either expanded or discussed potential expansions within one year of their first project, illustrating the benefits of the solution.

We will be showcasing our latest ePaper solutions at Light + Building Show (4.03 – 5.03) in Frankfurt, and we’d love to meet you!

Exhausted by Soaring Energy Costs?

Choose ePaper Signage!

(Calculated based on the European Union average 29.2 c€/kWh)

24/7 Power Consumption

1 W ePaper Sign


~3 € per year


24/7 Power Consumption

20 W LCD Sign


~50 € per year


24/7 Power Consumption

30 W LCD Sign


~75 € per year


Highest Reliability With

Wired PoE Products


Quickest Setup With

Wireless IoT Products


Multilingual Exhibitions for



Lecture Schedules for



Medical Information Boards for



Energy Efficient

Paper-Like Quality

No Light Emissions

Sunlight Readable